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HeliCoil Insert Tool Kit


Product Description

This kit includes the tools needed to install  HeliCoil Inserts.  The stepped drill bit drills the correct depth and width hole for the inserts.  The bottoming tap cuts the correct pitch threads.  The installation tool installs the insert.  Thread an insert on to the end of the tool until the bottom tab on the insert engages with the bottom tab of the tool and install in the drilled/tapped hole.  Make sure to use binding hole glue or an epoxy to seal the hole and prevent moisture from entering the core of the ski.

The Kit does not include tap handles.  You will need 2 different sized tap handles for this kit.  The large tap handle fits the tap for this kit, the small tap handle fits the installation tool.  If you have tap handles at home already, your covered.  They are available for purchase here.   

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