Convert for BF Screws and FAQs

How do I know what screw lengths I need?

On our main page you will see a tab that reads "Binding Screw Sizes" click on the tab and select your binding’s manufacturer from the list.

If your binding is not listed:

You can use the stock screws that came with the binding to determine what Binding Freedom screws you will need.

There are multiple measurements to take, please read all the steps.

Always measure in millimeters.

  • Stock counter sunk screws are measured by overall length.
    • These screws are conical in shape under the screw head.
    • For reference see our Flat Head screws.

Please see the image below for measuring flat head screws


  • Stock pan/button head style screws are measured by thread length (not including the head).
    • These screws are flat under the screw head.
    • For reference see our Low Head screws.

Please see the image below for measuring pan head screws


Here are the steps to convert:

  • First measure the overall length of the stock screw (keeping in mind the screw types above).
  • Next press the screw into the binding and measure the length of thread protruding the base of the binding.
  • Lastly subtract protrusion length from the overall screw length and add 5mm.
  • Take this length and buy the closest size we have available.


  • Why don't my binding screws fit?
    • Binding Freedom inserts are not compatible with standard alpine mounting screws. You must use our custom screws or an M5 thread screw for Binding Freedom inserts.  Our inserts threads, inside and out, are designed to offer maximum thread engagement. By using an M5 thread we are able to offer max thread engagement without making the insert too deep for a ski.
  • What are the dimensions of the inserts?
    • The inserts are a hair over 9mm in depth and about 7.8mm in diameter.  
  • How close can the inserts be?
    • We recommend about 5mm between inserts. Yes, we have seen them installed closer without incident, but we recommend 5mm.
  • How much epoxy should I buy?  
    • 1 Packet will typically cover 15-20 inserts.  It's usually a good idea to have just a little more than you need.  
  • Where should the inserts sit in relation to the top sheet?
    • Your inserts should mount about flush, or just under.
  • How tight should I tighten my binding freedom screws?
    • Hand tight is fine. If you'd like to be precise, you can torque the screws, they should be between 2-4Nm
  • Should I use Loctite?
    • We do not recommend using Loctite, it can negatively affect the plastic in some bindings. Instead we recommend using Vibra-Tite.
    • The best way to apply is to add the Vibra-Tite to the screws (just a small amount) and let it dry.  Then install the screws.  
    • The Vibra-Tite will last for a few swaps.
  • Can you ship overseas?  
    • We can!  USPS flat rate shipping usually provides the best rates and its typically around 30$ USD and can take a couple weeks.
  • Warranty Issues
    • Please be aware that some manufacturers will not warranty skis with inserts in them.  BF will not assume any liability for warranties on skis mounted with inserts.  We are fully confident in the inserts but please take this into consideration before mounting with inserts.