DISCLAIMER: These are recommendations based on our customers experiences. We do not guarantee fitment as sizes may vary depending on year of bindings. We always recommend measuring your screws yourself and converting using our guide here.

  • FKS (With geze 4 hole toe)
    • 4 QTY 10mm flat heads
    • 4 QTY 12mm flat heads
    • 4 QTY 10mm low heads
    • 4 QTY 16mm low heads
    • 4 QTY 14mm flat heads
    • 4 QTY 16mm flat heads
    • 4 QTY 10mm low heads
    • 4 QTY 16mm low heads
  • FKS 14/140
    • 8 QTY 18mm flat heads
    • 4 QTY 10mm low heads
    • 4 QTY 16mm low heads
  • FKS 18/180
    • 12 QTY 10mm low heads
    • 4 QTY 20mm low heads
  • FKS 120 
    • X QTY 22mm flat heads with heads reduced to 8mm (screw does not currently exist - you can source your own standard M5 screw)
    • X QTY 20mm flat heads
    • X QTY 20mm low heads
    • X QTY 10mm low heads

If any screws need the head diameter reduced please make a note in the box at check out to let us know

We get the majority of our lengths from skiers like you out in the wild using the inserts and screws with new bindings or bindings we don’t yet have listed.  For order accuracy we encourage you double check our work and measure your stock screws to ensure you’re getting the right combination of screws.  (You can find instructions to do that here)  New generations, different years, new features etc. may change a bindings suggested screw lengths.  If you can help us refine the list, find an error or can add a binding to our list email us at for a discount on your order.