• NTN Freeride (12/13 & Newer)
    • 12 - 10mm flat heads
    • 4 - 8mm low heads
  • NTN Freeride (11/12 & older
    • 12 - 8mm small heads
    • 4 - 8mm low heads
  • NTN Freedom
    • 4 - 8mm small heads
    • 2 - 12 mm small heads
    • 4 - 8mm low heads
    • 12 - 10mm low heads

We get the majority of our lengths from skiers like you out in the wild using the inserts and screws with new bindings or bindings we don’t yet have listed.  For order accuracy we encourage you double check our work and measure your stock screws to ensure you’re getting the right combination of screws.  (You can find instructions to do that here)  New generations, different years, new features etc. may change a bindings suggested screw lengths.  If you can help us refine the list, find an error or can add a binding to our list email us at for a discount on your order.