Binding Screw Sizes

Hover over the "Screw Lengths" tab and select your bindings manufacturer from the list.

Here are some tips for measuring your bidnings stock screws and converting to Binding Freedom screws.

  • Stock counter sunk screws are measured overall.  The length of the thread and the screw head.
    • These screws are connical in shape under the screw head, for refference see our Flat Head or Small Headscrews. 
  • Stock pan head/button head style screws are measured just thread length - not including the head.
    • These screws are flat under the screw head, like a pan or button head screw, for refference see our Low Head screw
  • Measure in mm’s.
    • First measure the overall length of the stock screw (keeping in mind the measuring tips above).
    • Next press the screw into the binding and measure the length of thread protruding the base of the binding.
    • Lastly subtract the 2 measurements you made (overall length and protrusion length) and add 5mm.
    • Take this and buy the closest size we have available.

 If your binding is not listed and you can provide us with the lengths needed for that binding we would be happy to extend a discount to you!  Email us at and let us know what you've got. (doesnt not apply to older bindings, this offer is for current and new bindings that come out)