M Equipment/INWILD

DISCLAIMER: These are recommendations based on our customers experiences. We do not guarantee fitment as sizes may vary depending on year of bindings. We always recommend measuring your screws yourself and converting using our guide here.

  • Meidjo (1.0, 1.1  and 1.2 - these lengths may vary greatly - email or call for help)
    • 6 QTY 10mm flat heads
    • 4 QTY 16mm low heads
    • 8 QTY 16mm flat heads
    • 2 QTY 8mm low heads
  • Meidjo (V2)
    • 8 QTY 16mm low heads
    • 4 QTY 16mm flat heads
    • 14 QTY 10mm low heads
  • Meidjo 2.1 Large/Small and Meidjo 3.0 Large/Small
    • 14 QTY 12mm flat heads (18 if you add the alpine heel)
    • 12 QTY 16mm flat heads

There have been multiple reports of different screw lengths for this binding.  Please verify the head types before ordering.  If your unclear please call or email us.