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Threaded Inserts for skis


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Threaded inserts for skis - For use with any of our Small-head or Low-head screws.  Sold individually for any custom mounts.  

If you have any questions about installation feel free to reach out or read over our insert installation instructions.

Before installation clean the inserts with a de-greaser and wipe clean.  Any grease or oil left on the inserts from the machining process could interfere with the epoxy.  Never Use Loc-Tite with inserts, only use the Vibra-tite offered here.

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    Posted by Scott on 28th Sep 2017

    I thought I'd save a few bucks by picking up a drill bit, a stop collar, and a tap on my own but discovered that these aren't common items that you can find at the local hardware store (at least with any expectation of high quality product). Fortunately, I was able to find what I needed at a Fastenal store close to work. I may have saved $10 after all was said and done but spent a lot of time tracking the items down. My experience...not worth the pain of going it on my own. I'd pick up the Essential Kit if I were doing it all over again. I was however able to successfully install the inserts into two pairs of skis and all future skis added to the quiver will get the same – stoked with the results! The slotted insert made a huge difference IMO during installation because there were several times when I wanted to back an insert out just a bit to make sure it was flush with the top sheet of the ski. Not an easy thing to do if the insert doesn't have a slot. Binding Freedom has a great product and great customer service.

  2. Versatile and secure

    Posted by Steve on 22nd Jan 2017

    I use these for switching bindings and for secure mounts on set-ups that don't need switching. I use the install tools(drill, tap, guide block) and have never had a problem. Just remember to use vibra-tite and check screw tightness.

  3. They are in all of my skis.

    Posted by Chris in Montana on 12th Apr 2016

    These inserts are a great idea, and serve exactly the purpose for which they were designed. I own two sets of Dynafit bindings with different brake widths, and swap them between 5 pairs of skis. I've skied 60+ days this season so far (and it's still great up high...hoping for at least 20 more) and have been very successful in having the right ski for conditions without a huge investment in my ski quiver. Each mount hole costs roughly $2.00 in hardware, so $32/ski looks much better than $100-$600 for each pair of bindings.

    A binding swap takes about 15 minutes, and causes no wear on my skis. The inserts require some tool proficiency to install, and you can ruin a pair of skis quickly if you are not very precise. I would highly recommend a drill press and a lot of patience if your trying to install inserts without a jig. If using the paper templates from OpenSnow.com, measure to the very best of your ability, and don't hurry. I have found slower setting epoxies to be much easier to work with and ended with better results than my two attempts with fast setting epoxy. Hole depth is also of critical importance. You will make a lot of work for yourself by drilling too deep and allowing the insert to thread in lower than the top-sheet of your ski, especially if using fast epoxy.

    I have not been using Locktite on the screws, and do re-check them every other day or so. I have only had one require re-tightening after a long day in 14" of fresh but warm spring snow.

    I think that covers most of what I wanted to know when I ventured off into the home insert install world. I plan on using this system in all of my future skis, and am delighted with my investment in this system.

  4. Excellent option for a big quiver!

    Posted by Jamie Joseph on 13th Aug 2015

    Used these for a few years now, must be organized with prepping screws and be ready to switch out the bindings in a flash (multiple screws/prepped in advance) but all works seamlessly at a fraction of the cost of owning multiple bindings. Installation takes some energy but what doesn't - nothing whereby a couple of cold beers and tunes cannot put you in the proper space: )
    *plus.... service out of SVST is fabulous (and I live in CDA).

  5. good product

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Apr 2015

    Great product but a bit overpriced for something as simple as screws and inserts. $70 for two sets of skis is a bit of money. Will still support your product in the future but would maybe look at price points.

  6. solid product great idea

    Posted by Paul on 27th Jan 2015

    These are a great idea. Even if you won't be swapping different skis once done you have options . For me it isn't from alpine to telemark.

  7. Great product

    Posted by Gerry on 31st Dec 2014

    Inserts went in smooth as butter. I plan to get more.

  8. Precise and reliable

    Posted by Dan Dunne on 22nd Dec 2014

    I have used Binding Freedom inserts on all of my skis for the last five years. I ski NTN Freedom and Freeride and TTS on Movement Sluffs and K2 Koombacks, and just installed Diamir Viper 12s on Rossi Soul 7s. I've never had a failure and appreciate the ability to switch bindings between skis at will -- it takes 5-10 minutes. Having tested them for about 50 days in all conditions, I have complete confidence. So much so that I would prefer them to standard wood screws even if I don't plan to switch bindings. The bindings and screws are immaculately and precisely machined and I have never had a threading issue.
    In the backcountry I carry an extra TTS binding so that if I have an NTN failure, I can reinstall a replacement binding in about 10 minutes. Great for safety and confidence, not to mention getting home before dark.
    I've used Jon's drill guide and installation kit -- all solid and well designed, and they well. A little practice on a block of wood helps, and it takes some practice to avoid stripping with the self-bottoming tap. I acquired an inexpensive drill press a few years ago for drilling and tapping and my installations have gone from 90% to 100% accuracy.
    I love this product and give it my highest recommendation.

  9. Easy Install, saves money!

    Posted by Chris on 18th Dec 2014

    With the basic install kit and a little know how, ( how to work a drill) you'll be set. I've installed these on four pair of skis. I've never had to replace one, they have never come loose, they go in straight and the rolled threads are much stronger that cut ones. Or do it the easy way, take your skis to a shop and have them only drill your skis with the binding template for your fixers. Have them use your skis recommended drill bit for a pilot hole. With the template still on the ski, pop out the drill bit ( and a 12 pack!) and have them drill the larger hole for your inserts. The drill bit fits nicely into the jig for a dead on straight hole in your ski. Take em home, tap em, glue em and screw em. Four pairs, one binding.

  10. great inserts

    Posted by Josh on 25th Nov 2014

    I was really impressed by the quality of the inserts and the thought that has gone into their design. They were relatively simple to install, and based on my first test, they worked great.

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