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Jigarex 2.0


Product Description

Introducing the JigaRex™ 2.0 from SVST, a groundbreaking ski mounting jig that guarantees relevance, regardless of emerging bindings, varying ski designs, or new boot models. Whether it's alpine, telemark, or touring bindings, the JigaRex™ 2.0 offers a universal binding mounting solution, accommodating all shapes and sizes. This pioneering design, protected by a pending patent, employs interchangeable mounting plates, enabling compatibility with nearly all existing binding types. This distinctive attribute also ensures unwavering support even as binding hole configurations evolve in the future, eliminating the need to obtain a new jig whenever hole patterns change. The JigaRex™ 2.0 effortlessly caters to ultra-slim skis and wide powder boards, spanning from 60 mm to 185 mm, with simple adjustments to suit a wide array of boot sizes.

Taking careful note of our customers' feedback, we have addressed the concerns associated with the initial model.

We are thrilled to introduce the JigaRex 2.0.

This latest version has been meticulously crafted to enhance durability, minimize the likelihood of user errors, and offer a seamless and effortless operational experience.

Additionally, the latest enhancements bring new spring-loaded clamp arms to enhance ergonomics and clamping effectiveness. The upgraded rack and pinion tooth profile eliminates wear and tear, ensuring prolonged durability. 


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