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Comp PLUS Kit


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This is the same as the Comp Kit but includes our self centering drill guide block.  This drill guide has the same size bushing as a standard ski jig, so any stepped drill bit is compatible.  A thin textured rubber pad on the base ensures that the guide block stays put once you clamp it in

place.  The tethered centering pin fits tightly into the bushing and aids in centering the bushing over a center punched dimple, paper template, or existing hole.  You no longer need a steady hand to drill holes in skis with confidence!

Includes: Stepped rill bit, bottoming tap, insert deburring tool, Screwdriver for 1/4" Hex, Insert installation tool AND the self centering drill guide block

Streamline your installations with all the tools you need for a professional installation.  Drill, deburr, tap, and install the inserts faster and cleaner than was ever possible.  Pro-tip:  count 4-5 turns on the tapping handle and you'll be at the bottom of the hole - no more guessing!

These tools are specifically selected to be compatible with the Threaded Inserts sold on this site.    Note that not all thread cutting taps will cut deeply enough to work - this one does.   For installing inserts, you will also need general purpose epoxy (approx. 1 packet per 15 inserts).  Kit doesn't include tap handle for use with the tap.

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  1. Great Tools, minus the Insert Install Tool 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jan 2018

    I recently purchased this kit to install two sets of inserts (22 Designs Axl and Marker Baron). All of the tools, inserts, and screws were great. Except the insert install tool. I have installed many inserts and this is a great idea, it made the installation of the first 20 inserts great and easy, but the little nubs and fit into the notches on the inserts were stripped out before I could finish both sets. Everything was only hand tightened (without any handle on the insert tool). The insert tool is a great idea, but the material is WAY too soft.

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