Binding Freedom Review

What is Binding Freedom?

Binding Freedom inserts are best the solution to getting the most out of your quiver.  Unlike a Heli-coil our inserts are sealed to ensure that no water/moisture can penetrate the core of the ski.  Featuring a slotted top on the insert, and a dedicated install tool they can easily be installed at home or by your local shop.  Binding Freedom screws feature a Pozi #3 screw head.  This allows more purchase between screwdriver and screw for more secure mounts and less wear to help prevent stripping screws out.  We offer all the tools to support home installation and are always around for support and technical questions at or 1-800-426-4250

Common Uses

  • The one set of bindings - multi ski quiver
    • If you have multiple pairs of skis you can mount every ski in your arsenal for the same binding with the Binding Freedom inserts.  This will allow you to swap your bindings between skis depending on conditions or what you feel like skiing that day.  Great for rock skis, blower pow skis, and your go to/everyday ski.  Having your skis drilled for this is also helpful when travelling to ski.  Instead of a huge bulky ski bag you can stack your skis flat and bring only one set of bindings for your next trip.
  • The two set of bindings swiss army ski
    • Tech binding are changing the way we tour and how far we can go into the back country.  While tech bindings are lightweight and great for back/side country touring, they don’t always hold you into the ski like you might want for your local resort or hard pack conditions.  Binding Freedom inserts will allow you to have your skis mounted for two sets of bindings on one set of skis.  Depending on what you plan to ski that day you can choose the appropriate binding for the occasion.  Headed out touring? Screw that tech/touring binding on your ski.  Staying in bounds or at your local hill?  Choose the stronger alpine binding.  This set up also works really with a tele binding mixed in as well.  Whether you’re swapping between an alpine binding and a tele binding or tech binding and tele binding, one ski can do it all.
  • Strengthening your mount
    •  If you’ve got a stripped out screw or just a mount that you want to re-enforce, Binding Freedom inserts can help you achieve that.  Often tele mounts can be problematic and want to strip out, you can mount your bindings with the inserts to greatly increase the strength of that mount.  They also work great as a substitute for Heli-coils because they are sealed and won’t allow water/moisture to penetrate the core of the ski.  The tools and inserts are also much easier to come by and considerably less expensive than a Heli-coil set up.
  • Everything else
    • We get calls and emails every week from skiers out in the wild trying new and unique applications for Binding Freedom inserts.  From shimming bindings to reduce ramp angle, inserts being used in startup ski companie's demo fleets, to removing bindings for easy tuning without a bridge.  We have also started playing with different mounting points on the same ski, set back for pow days, or center mounted for park laps on the same ski. If you’ve got another use let us know!