• Handles sold singly, not pair.  Order 2 for set.

Replacement Jigarex Handles


Product Description

Replacement handle/gears for the Jigarex.  If over pressured you can strip the gears on the bottom part of the handle for the Jigarex. 

 SOLD SINGLY, be sure to order a pair if you want to replace both.

To replace these remove the thumb screw and washer holding the handle in place.  Lift the old handles out and insert the new handles.  Be sure to not move the the silver arms that assist in centering the jig over the ski.  Put the washer back on the center of the handle and thread the thumb screw back in place.  Check that the handle is in the proper position by turning the handles to the largest opening and smallest opening.  Count the notched teeth on either side of the silver arms and make sure they match!!  

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