Binding Freedom + SIA


We will be out of the office from 1/23 - 2/2.  We are packing up the Subaru and driving down the Denver's SIA show (ski industry of america show) to show off the gear, wish us luck!  During that time we will be running a skeleton crew here.  Tanner will be doing everything he can to keep orders going out the door but we ask that you cut him some slack!!   He will likely be dreaming about skiing while he's packing, shipping, answering phones and doing what ever else comes up...  Orders will still be shipping that week but likely will not ship same day.  During that time E-mail responses will be a bit slower too.  When we aren't at the show we will try and carve out time to answer any questions.  

Sorry for any inconvenience, we promise it isn't just a party/ski trip... Although we will try and squeeze some of each in.  If there is any emergancy questions or requests please call in and ask for Tanner.  We will do everything we can to help.